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These Patients Are Already In Your Practice, And They Want THIS!

Occasionally, I have guest experts contribute blogs to benefit you with a fresh perspective.  Today, Dr. Peter Evans gives us a HUGE revenue source in dentistry that already comprises 30% of your existing patient base.  If you don’t offer these services, they WILL find them elsewhere!  Enjoy, and as always, it is a pleasure to serve our incredible profession.


This is good news and bad news for you!

I am going to sell you “tomorrow” … two different ways! I am going to sell you for the health of
your local community and I’m going to sell you for the health of your patients/your practice.

You don’t really think I can sell “tomorrow”, do you? You probably think that ”tomorrow”
doesn’t come cheap? So, I’ll put my money where my mouth is … because a dentist has much
more power than the normal citizen when it comes to toxic waste and tomorrow’s health of our

Don’t be offended … but, you have the power to pollute. It’s actually been estimated that
you (we) are responsible for 40% of the toxic mercury spilling into your (our) local Waste
Management Plant(s). It then becomes a problem of bioaccumulation of a toxic metal. And
because mercury is an element, it cannot be broken down into anything less toxic. It can only
be contained. And the Waste Management Plants aren’t set up to do this.

So contain it. Contain it to protect your local environment and for the global concern (there are
global treaties being developed right now for controlling and containing the bioaccumulation of
mercury on the planet). It’s a problem.

Now, I know that thinking globally is difficult. I got it. But there is something you can buy.
Yeah, the least you can do is throw money at it.

Buy “tomorrow” – right now. All you have to do is install a mercury retrieval system … simple.
And it’s voluntary for the vast majority of states … but not for long. The EPA is going to require
all of us to install a mercury retrieval system by the year 2014. So, stay ahead of the curve …
you’ll probably get some great press because of it too! The local media LOVE this kind of health

OK, this is a no-brainer, because we’re going to be forced to do it anyway. Stop the mercury
flow into your environment.

The second way I want you to buy “tomorrow” will not only benefit your local environment,
it will benefit your patient’s whole body health and your bottom line. Your patients will be
healthier tomorrow … and the health of your practice will increase tomorrow as well.
And all you have to do is take your mercury free practice … and make it a mercury safe practice.

You can do it by adding a profitable BioCompatible component to your practice (now we’re
talking about money). You don’t have to turn your office upside down/you don’t have to go to
weekend after weekend of training/you don’t have close your office and loose production/you
don’t have to send your staff to CE/ … it’s much simpler than this.

You put in some relatively simple yet tremendously powerful enhancements to what you’re
already doing … and BINGO … the results can be nothing short of astounding.

The simple measures you take will not only help your local environment but also protect your
staff and your patient every time (i.e. every day) you remove a mercury filling.

It’s going from mercury FREE … to mercury SAFE.

And here’s the kicker … you’re already mercury free … you’re almost there anyway.

So, by adding a BioCompatible component to your practice, you will be are realizing the most
profitable business model in existence for the general dentist. Yes, there’s a big benefit in
selling “tomorrow”.

Winner – the health of your local environment (this is the good news)
Winner – the health of your staff and patients (this is the good news)
Winner – the health of your bottom line business (this is the good news)

It seems to be a harder sell than it should be (this is the bad news). Especially, because
everybody wins.

It’s harder than it should be, because you don’t know where to start. Well, with this natural
evolution of dentistry, I may not know the ending, but I know where to start … now!

Protect your practice and your lifestyle by adding a profitable and healthy BioCompatible
dental care component to your practice. Call, click or come by. 757-220-1848, , Williamsburg, VA.

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