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Dental Team Meetings: Good Vs. Evil

Dental Team Meetings: Good or Evil?

Why do so many dentists avoid having regular team meetings? Honestly, I can tell you exactly why.

1. They are unproductive
2. Worse, they can be negative and have negative consequences
3. No one knows what to do for a team meeting

Here are solutions that work in our practice:

We start the meeting with gratitude and end with inspiration. Let me explain. At the beginning of every team meeting, we go around the room and every team member gives a gratitude statement. They tell one thing or person that they are grateful for personally and one thing or person that they are grateful for in the office. Not only does this start out our meetings on a great positive vibe, it builds team unity, as team members express their gratitude for each other.

We also end the meeting with what I call the WHY. Why are we here, why do we get up to come to work every day? What impact are we having in our practice day-to-day? The way that the WHY gets shared with the team is via stories. Stories of how we have literally changed lives with what we do in our practice. Susan, that didn’t smile when she came in to the practice, now she can’t stop beaming. Mary, that covered her mouth when she talked, now she has confidence that she never had before. The patients that make more money because they are more confident. The ones that just love their smile so much, that it carries over into every area of their lives. THAT is what gets us up in the mornings, that is what we love about our practice! Team meetings are the place to share these stories and our WHY.

Team meetings can be a HUGE boost for a dental practice. If they are evil, maybe with a few changes, they can be a force for good, instead!

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