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Advance Your Career

What If?
by Dr. Peter Evans
What if suddenly you found out something that would advance the course of your career, and this “something” fits right in with your philosophy?
What if you found that 30 to 40% of your existing patients were actually pursuing this very thing?
I want to reveal a secret on how to help patients buy into their own health.
Now, before you go on about how difficult it is to sell prevention … I’m not talking about selling prevention.  We all know just how tough that is!
We want patients to buy into their whole body health.  We want to influence patients in a positive way, do it in an ethical manner … to help them perceive the need for the care … accept what you’re saying and then move forward with it.
So, you can see it’s totally different than selling prevention.  We’re talking about total body dentistry here.  We’re talking about your dentistry and how it impacts whole body health, positively or negatively.
It’s not just being successful.  It’s doing something significant … to make a difference in an understandably unhealthy world.  If this is a philosophy that you can agree with … read on!
This secret will benefit your patients and benefit your practice.
The “status quo” is changing.
We are not “tooth and gum” dentists, anymore!
We believe in thinking differently.
The way we challenge the “status quo” is by making it easy for someone to select whole body BioCompatible dental care, impact and improve the bottom line of the business, enhance our profession and improve the quality of life for our patients.  It’s simple and direct.
Who are the patients who are looking for alternative healthcare possibilities?  They are the same people who are recycling.  They’re the same people who are going green.  These are the people who are looking for something other than “take two of these and call me in the morning”.
• They’re the people who’ve read about the safety concerns surrounding mercury and BPA and take them seriously for themselves and their children.
• They’re the people whose concern for the natural environment has grown steadily in recent years.
• They’re the people – as many as 40% of the population – who have considered, pursued and confidently used some form of alternative healthcare.
But, if they come to the conclusion that you’re not keeping up with the kinds of safe and environmentally sensitive dentistry they feel is appropriate, they’ll be out the door and gone for good.
In fact, if your physician/optometrist/oncologist was noticeably and arguably behind the curve, you’d leave too … WOULDN’T YOU?
But you can protect your practice and your lifestyle.
If you’re the kind of person who has been thinking of becoming more natural and healthy in your dental office, boy, do we have something for you!
This is the natural evolution of dentistry and it’s coming to a theater near you.
Answer to the questions above:
1. Diagnosis, treatment plan and treat the most prevalent chronic inflammatory disease on the planet … periodontal disease.
2. Go from being a mercury free office to become a mercury safe office.  We all know that mercury is something that you don’t want to fool around with.  Protect yourself and your staff with the proper masks, protect your patient from mercury vapors when removing mercury fillings with the proper protocol, and protect your local environment with a mercury retrieval system.  (By the way, the peer reviewed Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry this month has an article that assesses the release of mercury from silver mercury fillings exposed to different 10% carbamide peroxide bleaching agents.  Jan/Feb 2013, PP.33-35.)  The conclusion: the authors recommend avoiding the indiscriminate exposure of silver amalgam restorations to carbamide peroxide bleaching agents because of the increase in the quality of mercury released.
3. Diagnose and treatment plan for cosmetics, temporomandibular disorders, occlusal disease, sleep apnea, and other infections.
Everything we do … we believe it will make a difference in the health of our patients, and in the health of the country.
Together we do this.


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