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Get The Skinny On How To Avoid The Dentist 
by Rao Dentistry. 
I hate my ‘fat’ jeans. You know, the pair you have to reach for when you pack on a few extra pounds.
I know, I know. I know the whole eating better, exercising more, drink more water, etc. etc. But then I think, hey, life is short and indulge a little every now and then. A cookie. Or two. That slice of cake.
But never for very long.
Is it because I have super human will power, or a super model’s appetite?
Um . . . no.
It’s because I HATE my fat jeans.
H. A. T. E.
Enough to walk away, no matter how reluctantly, from any sugary treat tempting me into submission and reach for something healthier, like a treadmill.
 So much for the power of positive thinking, huh? The benefits of a positive attitude, how it can change your life.
But is it wrong to open the door to such negative thinking?
Maybe. All I know is, that for me, it WORKS.
And I’m not the only one.
I see it everyday at our practice. While most people don’t like coming to the dentist, a select few come pretty close to guaranteeing they don’t. They’ve hacked the system.
These are the people who show up every 6 months like clockwork, rarely skipping their check up and teeth cleaning appointment. They brush and floss every day as if they’re getting paid to.
They even go a step further and invest in mega prevention: a quality electric toothbrush to get the cleanest clean possible, and a night guard to protect their teeth . . . and actually use the darn things.
The result? They seldom have dental problems. They breeze in and out. Their appointments are short and sweet, uneventful. Any excitement there may be comes from catching up about their family and vacations, not their teeth. They’re nowhere close to the drill.
Because they don’t want to see me.
They make a good case for the power of negative thinking, don’t you think? They take control, do what they need to do, and make it work for them.They save time, money and treatment, and in return, get great oral health.
In short, they use this power for good, not evil, and win.
And now, if you want to avoid the dentist, so can you. And it’s fat-free.

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