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How Does Practice Management Get Manageable?

How Does Practice Management Get Manageable?
blog image hereI have had my ups and downs in 20 years of dentistry – believe me! There have been wonderful highs and some seriously low lows over that time. I have talked to thousands of dentists over that time period, so I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only one. There are ways to make all of it easier and make everyone (you, team and patients) happier.
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Improve New Patient Flow
There is very little in ANY business that can’t be improved with more demand for services. There are many kinks in systems that simply must be improved when there is demand for services that you really want to provide. Imagine this scenario – what if a well-thought out marketing campaign produced 20 potential new implant patients for your practice? Now, you have placed a few implants, and you have some experience, but not as much as you would like. What would happen if you had 5 patients every week for several weeks to place at least one implant for each patient? Would your skills improve with more repetition and practice? Of course! How about implant protocols and systems in your practice – would they improve as well? Definitely! I love marketing, because it helps me and my team to get off the fence after we have had proper training in an area of dentistry where we really want to build proficiency and efficiency. It can honestly make all the difference in the world. Many practices hold off doing much marketing for many reasons, but most of them involve fear. Don’t let that hold you back, go for it. Remember that all marketing is a test, and it needs to be properly tracked, so don’t go for it willy-nilly, but make certain that you know at least the basics before you pull the trigger on a bunch of marketing efforts.

Systems, Systems, Systems

I truly hope that it never happens that a practice would lose every team member at once, but if that occurred in YOUR practice, what would be the consequence? Would you know what the most important systems are in your practice and how to make certain that someone new could follow them? Be resolute in getting your systems in writing, following them and making your practice systems-dependent, rather than people-dependent.

Effective Team Meetings

Fortunately team meetings do not have to be painful. Think of this as the perfect time to “bond” with the team and be a great leader. The great part here, is that the doc should not be the only one to plan, speak or problem solve at team meetings. Every team member needs to be involved and bring up what is working well, what needs to be improved or simply to pat team members on the back. You can even be downright inspirational. As a matter of fact, I think that a large part of my role as the owner dentist in my practice (or any leader of anything for that matter), is to set the tone, inspire and be extremely exemplary for the team. We use gratitude and inspiration at all of our team meetings. We also strive to learn something new each time, as well. It keeps us moving forward and lets my team know what an honor and privilege it is to serve our patients and employ wonderful team members.

It is also an honor and a privilege to serve you. If there is anything that we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and your practice. My goal for you is to Love Your Practice!


Dental Team Meetings: Good Vs. Evil

Dental Team Meetings: Good or Evil?

Why do so many dentists avoid having regular team meetings? Honestly, I can tell you exactly why.

1. They are unproductive
2. Worse, they can be negative and have negative consequences
3. No one knows what to do for a team meeting

Here are solutions that work in our practice:


The 5 Definitions of Success in Dentistry?

When a couple has their first child, rather than tell anyone that they hope it’s a boy or a girl, normally the answer that comes up is, “it doesn’t matter as long as he/she is healthy.” As children get older, when the same couple is asked the question, “what would you like to see your child become when she grows up, the inclination is to simply answer, “it doesn’t matter as long as she is happy.” What about as adults? Is it good enough to just be happy? What makes us happy? Is happiness actually attainable, anyway? I hope so, otherwise, I’m not planning to stick around much longer!

Is happiness part or all of the equation of success? How each individual defines success goes far beyond dentistry or any particular occupation. It is a product of who we are, our upbringing, how we are wired, our personalities and our hopes and dreams.
Many times, we have hopes, dreams and goals for our children as well. We should at least have the same standard set for ourselves as we do for the next generation. Somewhere along this road of life, many people assume that happiness is reserved for the “other guy”, but not necessarily something that they will experience fully. Let’s explore why a dentist is (or is not) happy in life and practice.

There are 5 areas that are mainly associated with happiness in business and in life. Many dentists that I work with are extremely happy in one realm of their practice, but don’t fully enjoy other areas of the business of dentistry. More…


Make the Time to Work ON the Practice


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